How to Manually Install the Vanta Agent on MacOS via Terminal

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This is a guide on how to manually install the Vanta Agent on a Mac device using Terminal.



  • Administrator permissions on the device. If you do not have administrator access to your computer, You must contact the system administrator or IT team of your company. 

  • Vanta Admin permissions, or assistance from your Vanta Admin to obtain the Vanta Key & pre-generated script. We are unable to give it to you since the key is confidential information.



  • Open terminal (easiest way is cmd + space bar & search for 'terminal')

  • Locate the pre-generated script which contacts the company Vanta Key & Vanta Region. This can be provided to you by your admin.

    • A Vanta Admin can locate this within Vanta using the following steps: 
      • Navigate to the Computers Page
      • Click on the Unmonitored Tab
      • Click on View Setup Instructions
      • Click on Option 3: MDM and Vanta Agent
      • Click on the Copy button to copy the script as is

Manual Vanta install MAC.png

  • Paste the script into terminal, and replace with the Vanta Registered email for the device's primary user
  • The Vanta agent will run as a silent installation.