Offboarding users with the 'inactive' status

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When offboarding employees from a connected HRIS integration, Vanta is looking for the 'end date' in order to kick off the offboarding process.

If a future end-date is set on a Users HR profile, or if the HRIS provider does not allow an end date to be set, this can result in a user profile displaying the status 'Inactive' and limit further off-boarding actions



As a workaround, the user profile can be marked as 'Out of Scope' within the integrations resources.


  • Navigate to your Integrations Page
  • Click 'Configure Scope next to your HRIS connection.


  • Search for the user and toggle them out of scope



Once this is completed, on the next data fetch the system will then look to your Identity Provider as the source of truth for this user.
If the user has been deactivated in your IdP, the system should then pull in an end date as the date the IdP profile was deactivated, and allow you to complete off-boarding for the user.


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