Connecting Trust Centers & Salesforce

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Trust Center's Salesforce integration provides an easy way to leverage automation when granting access to your report. This integration allows you to control who should be automatically approved for access and who should be required to sign an NDA by leveraging the data you already have in your Salesforce records.


Connecting with Salesforce

  • From the left-hand navigation panel, select Integrations 
  • Search for Salesforce and choose Connect

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  • Link your salesforce instance with the Full API Access option selected

  • Once you've successfully connected your Salesforce account, navigate to Trust Center settings and configure your desired auto-approval and NDA bypass settings

Note: there are two options for If request meets condition

  • Salesforce Contact matches the email
    • This will match the exact email addresses found in your Salesforce Contact records
  • Salesforce Contact matches the email domain
    • This will match against the email domain of any Contacts found in your Salesforce records. For example, “” will match against “”
    • In addition to matching Contacts, you can optionally configure a boolean field that must be set to true on the linked Account to that Contact for the auto-approval to go through
  • Once these rules are in place, viewers who have been auto-approved appear in the viewer's table with the salesforce logo