Troubleshooting the Vanta Agent on Windows Machines

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Are you having trouble getting the agent installed on Windows machines? Here are some common issues that may help you resolve them!

What version of Windows are you installing? 

Please see the Supported operating systems for the Vanta Agent.

Did you install it as Admin?  

  • The agent requires Admin permissions to install, so right-click on the install package and select Run as Administrator.

Do you have a default browser set?  

  • Sometimes the installer will get stuck, and end prematurely if there is no default browser. This can be solved by making sure you have your default browser set (Chrome is preferred). The installer needs to open a browser window to complete registration and can time out if no default browser exists.

Still having issues?  

  • The agent has a built-in troubleshooting tool called the doctor. It runs checks for common issues, and helps you identify the issue easily!

To run the doctor:

  1. Search for cmd.exe in the search bar. Right-click and select “Run as Administrator.”
  2. Type the command C:\PROGRA~1\Vanta\vanta-cli doctor and press 'Return' to enter


If there are any issues, they will be reported in the doctor output.

If you have further questions about it, please send the full output to