Troubleshooting the Vanta Agent on Linux Machines

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Having trouble getting the agent installed on a Linux machine?  We'll give you some quick steps to see what the problem might be.

What version of Linux are you installing on? 

  • Vanta Agent currently only supports Debian variants.  The agent does not currently support SELinux, Gentoo, Arch, Fedora, etc.  If you are curious if the Linux version you have installed will work, email us at

I am receiving the error "curl: (23) Failure writing output to destination"

  • This could be because the version of CURL in your OS image is from the Snap Store instead of the Apt repository. Removing the current version of CURL and then reinstalling it via the APT repository should resolve this issue.

Have you cloned the instance that isn't showing up?  

  • From the terminal, you will need to run 'sudo /var/vanta/vanta-cli reset' to get the agent to re-register as itself.  If you wish to bake the Vanta agent into an AMI (or otherwise clone images with the agent in them), make sure you use the VANTA_NOSTART script found here.  The agent will not register until started which will prevent agent clones!

Have you run the Doctor Command?  

  • The Vanta agent has a built-in troubleshooting tool called Doctor which can help you identify common issues!
    In terminal, run the command 'sudo /var/vanta/vanta-cli doctor' and see the output.  It will look like this:



  • Green checks mean the checks passed!  Anything missing a check could be an indication as to what needs attention to get the agent working.  If you need further help, send us the output to!

What the Vanta Agent monitors for Linux?

  • Currently, the Agent will be able to perform checks for HD Encryption. Antivirus, Password Managers and Screenlock are not able to be detected at this time.